Kelly's Hockey Shop

S&T Arena offers a full-service hockey shop on the premises. Not only do we have our own apparel and equipment on facility, but we also have our own skate sharpeners to make sure that you have your edge sharp at all times. Looking to get into the game, but not committed to spending all of the money on equipment? No worries, you can lease equipment for your children directly through the pro shop at minimal cost. Need a new stick, new gloves, skates or anything else? We've got you covered there too. Take a look at our offerings below and swing by the shop while the facility is open!

Skate Sharpening

With nearly 25 years’ experience, we give you the edge you are looking for! Our head sharpener has been trained by a veteran NHL equipment manager. We treat every sharpening like a professional player’s skate. We check each skate for loose or rusted rivets, frayed laces and any other issues every time we sharpen them. Think of our service as a skate tune up, as much as a sharpening. The edge you get back is a sharp, level, clean, burr free edge. We have the full range of hollows for you to choose. From 3/8” for those smaller or agile players to a full radius sharpening for the goalies. We suggest you leave them overnight to allow time for issues we may find, but we will do immediate sharpening. There are many places that offer skate sharpening, but very few take it serious. We do, because we know how vitally important good edges are to a skater! Along with our professional sharpening’s, we offer full service skate and blade repair. Whether it’s replacing rivets, runners and holders, skate baking, skate fittings or customizing your skates, we can help!

Lease Equipment

At S&T Bank Arena we want to give you the best opportunity possible to get started in ice sports, without spending a lot of money. Because of that, we offer lease equipment for those children interested in participating in the Skating/ Hockey Academy. You can now lease a full set of hockey equipment for the entire season at minimal cost! The lease includes a Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC) certified helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, hockey pants and shin guards. Rental hockey skates are also included for Academy classes at no charge. We sanitize and inspect every piece of equipment before the lease to ensure the safety of every participant. If you have any questions or are interested in taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity please call ahead to schedule a fitting. Keep in mind, the lease equipment is designed for players 4-10 years of age. We do lease equipment to older players, but the correct size equipment may or may not be on hand.


There is no need to drive an hour to shop for your hockey equipment and apparel anymore. We have a fully stocked pro shop in the arena. We have all the latest merchandise from the biggest names in all the latest styles. From helmets and skates to sticks and tape, we have it here! You will find our staff ready and willing to help with any questions you may have. If, by chance, we do not have what you’re looking for, we can have it delivered to our doors and ready for you to pick up in matter of days. Our prices are usually better than the big name stores and internet pricing. We will not try to sell you the most expensive option, just the option that’s right for you! We have also just teamed up with a new supplier with more options than we’ve ever had! The items you want and the price you like from the people you know! It’s that easy! We look forward to helping you!

Schedule a Fitting

If you are interested in the lease equipment or want to be fitted for skates please call ahead to schedule a fitting. The lease equipment fitting takes about 30 minutes to complete. We will fit your child with each piece of equipment to ensure the proper fit. This may take trying on a few different sizes. If we do not have a size available for your child, we WILL get it! This may take a few days, so scheduling a fitting at least one week BEFORE class is imperative. Once they have the equipment, they love trying it on at home and we encourage them to do so. While your child is on the ice, we want them to be as safe as you do! While you are leasing equipment, we strongly suggest you start purchasing your child’s own equipment over time. Yes, hockey equipment can be expensive. When you buy an item a month, it takes away much of the upfront cost. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response to your email.
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