Intro to Figure Skating

S&T Bank Arena Skating Academy proudly offers a brand new figure skating program for aspiring figure skaters! Skaters will learn to develop stronger crossovers, turn gracefully from forward to backwards, edge control, and beginning spins and jumps! Lessons are taught in small groups of 3-5 skaters so coaches can focus on more individual attention. This cost-effective program is the future in figure skating, and bridges the gap from Learn to Skate to more advanced figure skating levels. Upon completion of the program, skaters will know if they would like to take a recreational approach to figure skating or a competitive path. We are very excited about the opportunity to bring this comprehensive training program to Indiana, PA!

Eligibility: This program is open to skaters who have passed the Beta level in Learn to Skate. If you are progressing quickly through our Learn to Skate classes, our skating director will decide if you can enter before passing Beta level. Skaters who already have a private lesson coach will also be accepted into the program with their coach’s approval.
*For any further questions regarding this program or to set up an evaluation please contact our Skating Director Beth 724-422-3217.
The Intro to Figure Skating Program will accept the first 10 applicants meeting the skill criteria. Classes are taught by Beth Addis, former professional figure skater with Disney on Ice and our certified figure skating coaches.
Length of Sessions: All Sessions are 8 weeks (Session 4 is 5 weeks) and run from end of August through end of March.
Fee: $120/Session (8 Week) Fee: $75/Session 4 Only (5 Week)

Each Training Session Includes: 30 minutes of on-ice training, 30 minutes of self-practice on-ice, 30 minutes off-ice training in which skaters will learn: stretching to prevent injury, skate care, the importance of positive attitudes, preparations for test sessions and competitions, off-ice beginning jump technique, artistry and much more!
WEDNESDAY CLASSES TIME: 5:00pm - 6:00pm Session 1: Aug. 30th - Oct. 18th
Session 2: Oct. 25th - Dec. 20th
Session 3: Jan. 3rd - Feb. 21st
Session 4: Feb. 28th - March 28th $75 (5 Sessions)
**Make up classes for last 2 weeks TBD
*(Fee includes ISI membership & free punch card pass for 8 freestyle sessions)

HOLIDAY BREAK: *No classes on Nov. 22nd
*Sign up for consecutive sessions and save $10.
*Enrollments must be completed no later than 48 hours before the start date.
For any further questions regarding this program, to enroll, or to set up an evaluation please contact our Skating Director, Beth Addis 724-422-3217.