Hosted at WTRC & Kennedy King Pickleball Courts

White Township Recreation warmly invites the community to discover the fun and engaging world of pickleball. This rapidly growing sport combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, offering a unique and accessible activity for adults of all skill levels. Our focus is on providing a friendly and inclusive environment where players can learn the basics of the game, develop their skills, and enjoy the camaraderie of playing with others.

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497 East Pike Road, Indiana, PA 15701

Outdoor Pickleball

Engage in this beginner pickleball course, led by expert members of the Indiana Area Pickleball Club. Participants will learn foundational skills, serving techniques, forehand and backhand strokes, along with the rules of play. Ideal for adults of all ages, pickleball offers a lively, lifetime sport that the whole family can enjoy together. Please bring your own equipment; limited equipment provided.

Indoor Pickleball - "Learn to Play in a Day"

Obtain the skills needed to play pickleball in this ONE-DAY session. Led by our S&T Bank Arena Pickleball Coordinators, this beginners course will teach participants the basics of the game, foundational skills, serving, forehands, backhands, rules and more.  Bring your own equipment if possible; however, limited equipment will be provided.

Please note: This one-day program is offered on two separate dates—June 11th and June 18th. Registration and payment is required for each session you wish to attend.