Ice Time For Private Figure Skating Lessons & Independent Practice Only

This dedicated ice time is set up to facilitate both private lessons and independent practice outside of our traditional figure skating programs. Beginner level skaters should be accompanied by a coach at all times.

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Priority Skating Order When Practicing:

2024-25 Season Freestyle Ice Time
Tuesdays: Aug 20 - March 25

(No Ice: 12/24, 12/31)
3:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Thursdays: Aug 22 - March 27
(No Ice 11/28, 12/26)
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Fridays: Aug 23 - March 28
(No Ice: 9/13, 11/29, 12/27, 1/10)
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

1.) Skaters on lesson performing their program
2.) Skaters on lesson
3.) Skaters performing their program on their own
4.) Skaters practicing on their own

One Time Pass

30 Minutes Ice Time
$ 6
Per Person

Punch Card

Ten 30 Minute Ice Time Sessions
$ 50
Per Person
Additional Info
Skates Guide

Please check with your private lesson instructor about eligibility for independent practice.

This ice time is to be utilized for specific skill practice.

Beginner skaters should be accompanied by their coach at all times. Please keep these skaters at the ends of the rink, and avoid high traffic areas.

All skaters and coaches must sign-in (located next to Coach's Lease Room on the counter in Pink book)

Payment must be made at Front Desk prior to stepping on the ice. You may NOT use a public skate/season pass for this Freestyle Ice Time.

If fee is paid in cash, check or credit card, please attach a copy of your receipt to the sign in sheet. If fee is paid via punch card, please make note of this on sign in sheet.

Hair must be pulled back.

Please wear clothing that permits easy movement.

Long pants - skating pants or tights are required.

Shorts/skirts/dresses without tights are NOT permitted

Jacket - can not be tied around one's waist


Headphones are not permitted to be worn at anytime, for any reason, while on the ice.

If text messages or phone calls need to be addressed, please do so along the boards or in the hockey boxes.

To play music using the overhead sound system, please speak with your coach. (proper cord/adaptor may be needed.) Skating Director will make additional system adjustments when requested to permit playing of music.

Only water is permitted on the ice. (No Gatorade, soda, etc.)

Program Props are to remain off the ice at all times, except during a skater’s lesson. As soon as the prop is no longer in use, please remove the prop from the ice immediately.

Coaches, parents and skaters are not permitted to stand in the entrance door to the ice for extended periods of time.

Only skaters and coaches are permitted in the hockey boxes (Parents and siblings, please refrain from entering these areas.)

All ice doors must remain closed throughout the entirety of the freestyle session. 

Rental skates can be provided, but the purchase of personal skates is recommended.

Please speak with your private lesson instructor for skate recommendations!

If you do not have a private lesson instructor, please speak with the skating director.

An important note for first time buyers - brand new skates always need sharpened before use.

If you are interested in figure skates, please visit our Figure Skate Guide Resource for more information!

Closed For The Season

S&T Bank Arena is a seasonal facility, the Ice Rink and all Ice Programs will be suspended from April – August. Our office hours during the summer season is Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM, feel free to reach out with any questions.