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Join our team at the Ice Skating Academy by volunteering! Our comprehensive resource center gathers all essential forms, waivers, and details needed for our volunteers, coaches, and program instructors.
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Forms, Waivers & More

Request for WTR Programming Partnership:

This form is required for all partnering organizations involved in our recreational programs, including those using our facilities.

Program Instructor, Assistant, Helper & Volunteer Expectations:

A comprehensive agreement that outlines expectations for various roles in our recreation and ice programs. This document ensures all participants are aware of their responsibilities and the standards of conduct.

Volunteer Release Agreement:

A mandatory release form for all volunteers, used extensively in our Learn to Skate and other programs. It ensures that volunteers understand and accept the terms of participation.

Coaching Policy Agreement:

Specifically for figure skating coaches, this policy details the guidelines and expectations for coaching at the academy.

W9 Form:

A standard IRS form required for all volunteers and contractors to ensure proper tax documentation and compliance.